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8/22/2014 If you wish to sign the petition posted on Facebook by Stehen Lynch,here is the link and the "justification statement". Please take five minutes to sign this petition and register you opposition to the un-needed 345 kV transmission lines through NW Arkansas. It only takes 5 minutes. 







Last week SWEPCO filed a petition for a limited re-hearing to request that Route 33 be reinstated as the preferred route.

The City of Garfield is filing a response asking the Public Utilities Commission to uphold the Judge's original order to use Route 109 which follows the Arkansas/Missouri border.

Save the Ozarks came to a special meeting of the City Council to share about their efforts to keep all of this transmission line out Arkansas so we can be true to our motto as The Natural State.

Our response to the petition will be filed March 24, 2014 and will include affadavits from citizens who are concerned about the close proximity of these lines to Garfield Elementary School.

Once again, we are relying on the public to be the voice of Garfield by posting comments on the Public Comments section of the Arkansas Public Utilities website, Docket # 13-041-U.

A big thank you goes out to State Senator Cecile Bledsoe for once again coming to our aid by writing letters to both the Judge and the Commission in support of Route 109, and in opposition to Route 33.


The Administrative judge has ruled that Route 33 is NOT the best option! She has recommended Route 109 which hugs the Missouri border.  This is great news for the City of Garfield, but the battle has not yet been finalized.

Route 109 is not without problems - it actually goes into Missouri at some point, and SWEPCO is not a direct provider in that state. This means they have to follow certain procedures to get permission form the State of Missouri to locate lines there. If approved, they have to follow the State regulations just as they were required to do in Arkansas.

Two State Representatives in Missouri have filed bills to keep SWEPCO out, but it remains to be seen whether they will pass.

In addition, Save the Ozarks will be appealing the ruling in the Arkansas Court of Appeals, as it is their belief that the premise for the need for this entire project is not warranted.

Thank You to all who got involved in keeping this line from destroying our beautiful city. This is a demonstration of what we can do when we work together!

More information will be posted as it arrives.




Last week Administrative Judge Connie Phillips officially closed the SWEPCO hearing. This means she has 60 days to make a recommendation to the Public Utilities Commission. The PUC can abide by her recommendation, oppose it, or take no action. Taking no action is the same as accepting her recommendation.

There is concern because one of the PUC commissioners also serves on the Board of Directors of the Southern Power Pool, who is the entity that determined SWEPCO needed to build this project.

This site will be updated as information is provided.



Update on SWEPCO and the 345kv transmission line they would like to put through the the middle of Garfield:

The City of Garfield has officially filed a petition to intervene.
The Pea Ridge Military Park sent a letter to the Public Utilities Commission expressing concern about the impact this line will have on the Military Park, the Butterfield Trail and the Trail of Tears.
To view all the official interventions and actions visit the Arkansas Public Utilities webpage. You can search by date (the deadline for official interventions is now June 28). You can still leave comments - choose docket# 13-041-U under Public Comments.

Our City Attorney is gathering evidence to use in the hearing (date and place not yet confirmed), and will be paying special attention to whether or not all required processes and notifications have been adhered to by SWEPCO.
Updates will be posted as they roll in....


Please use the following link to open a PDF link version of the City of Garfield's letter to citizens with instructions as to how to protest the use of SWEPCO's proposed Route 33 through the center of the city:


PLEASE NOTE:  this is the ACTUAL intended path of SWEPCO's 'Route 33, Section Y-Z', through the center of the City of Garfield (City Limits are the darker shaded area).   The negative impacts to the Health (Physical and Economic), Commerce, Visual Appeal, and future Growth of the City of Garfield, are beyond measure.

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