City Park

Besides our citizens, Hamilton Park may be our most treasured asset.  A spacious acreage, centrally located on Marshall Street (Highway 62), at Wimpy Jones Road, our park is the result of dedicated and long term efforts by the mayor, city council, volunteering citizens, and Garfield area businesses. Originally, our city council formed the ‘Park Committee’ in 2009. Our mayor, Laura Hamilton (for whom the park is named), attended State meetings, representing us in competition for a sizeable Grant. Garfield was successful, and, in 2010, we were awarded a large grant from the State of Arkansas that paid for all of the initial park development, including the pavilion, and playground. Construction was completed, and the park formally dedicated, in 2011. Since that time, we ALL have kicked in. City funds, equipment and labor added fencing and a walking trail, and when businesses and individuals donated sports equipment, the city stepped up and constructed a volleyball court. Landscaping flowers and plantings were donated by a growing local business (pun intended), and several shade trees were planted - all of them paid for by citizen ‘sponsorship’. Today, most of the on-going park development is funded by Garfield area citizens and businesses in the form of sponsorship and donations. Here is how You, as an individual or Garfield supporting business, can help:

  • Sponsor a ‘resting bench’ along the walking trail for $250 (plague included)
  • Sponsor an epic ‘park bench’ (full bench with backrest and plaque) for $600
  • Volunteer time for park and landscaping care and maintenance
  • Help to Create a ‘Farmer’s Market’ (and other community uses for our park) - Seasonal, Children, and Family Events are all recommended!



A garden area has been added to the park, thanks to a grant from Greening of Arkansas. 

The walking trail has been disturbed with the moving of the City water lines to accomodatre the widening of Highway 62, but will be restored once the lines have been relocated. 

It needs to be pointed out that a basketball and volleyball were donated to the Park in 2012. They are stored near the pavilion in a basket and are still there. What a fabulous and honest community we have!

Create - Vend - or Attend! Welcome - All Participation is Deeply Appreciated!! Contact us at

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