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Welcome to Garfield, Arkansas (or, at least, our website). We are a city of about 500 beautiful souls. We are situated Northeast of Rogers, Arkansas, where citizens of Garfield enjoy a fast and easy access to:

  • some of the best fishing and recreational areas on Beaver Lake,
  • the larger cities and entertainment of Southwest Missouri,
  • and the always fun, Eureka Springs.

Our attitude is definitely rural, and friendly. Travelling our side roads and streets will often get you ‘waved at’ for no other reason than a welcoming ‘hello’, whether we know you or not. We are the type of folk who prefer starlight to streetlights, and quality over quantity. We may not have all the variety of the big city, but the merchants and service people of our stores, stations, and restaurants are friendly and honest, and we’re proud of them. And we have a great elementary school with a tradition of personal care and attention to our kids.

In providing service to thousands of residents in and around Garfield, our Water Department continues to get slaps on the back for excellent water quality, efficient and fast responses to service calls, and fair rates.

Cleanliness is valued in Garfield. With weekly recycling bin and trash collection (at rates cheaper than our big-city (neighbors), and with free large-item trash reception twice a year (April and October), our residents enjoy cleaner properties without great expense. In fact, special rate plans for our seniors offer recycling and trash collection for a fraction of our normal low rates.

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